What mood am I in?

Everything seems to be comedy lately. I have been watching some of my old movies over again. Shallow Hal was a good one.

There is a song in there by Neil Young, I think its called After the Gold Rush. It is really stuck in my head, enough so that I may even find a site online and purchase the mp3 of it. I have a lot of music I like, but I donít own much music. I figure I might as well start buying some.

Its been very hot out here lately, so when taking a break I tend to go outside. I have been trying to improve my yard, make the grass look nicer, but everything I seem to do makes it worse. I bought a new lawn mower, new edger, new fertilizer spreader, and various other hand tools. I thought I would try de-thatching, and that removed a lot of thatch, but also tore up several areas. So then I added seed and now water it 3 times a day while I wait until it grows back so I can start mowing again.

Well, eventually I will get it. Thatís the way I am, especially if its something I am bad at. I never give up, and try and research, and work, and keep it up until I am good at it. So either I will learn how to make my lawn look like a golf course, or I will keep working on it forever.